RB Cardio Dance

Unique and fun cardio dance program to tone your body and burn fat! | taught by Lee Vallely
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Lee  Vallely
Lee Vallely
Founder, Owner & Co-Director

About the Instructor

Lee Vallely has dedicated her life to movement and wellness. After an eight-year career as a professional ballet and modern dancer in New York and San Francisco, and 20 years as a teacher and consultant in the health and wellness industry, Vallely saw a need for a higher level of education and a commitment to the precision of movement.

In 2007 she moved from teaching Pilates for other clubs, and developing and managing large corporate fitness programs in Austin and around the country, to teaching small-group training programs. RedBird Pilates & Fitness has grown every year since then, necessitating four moves to progressively larger studios.

Lee and her team of teachers—all handpicked from RedBird’s intensive 450-hour teacher training program—provide high-touch, technically oriented classes using a definitive methodology that emphasizes precision movement and proper body alignment.

Earlier in her career, Lee was the national director of corporate sales for Gold's Gym International. She designed and built the chain’s first corporate sales division and managed their national sales team. Prior to Gold's Gym, she was an owner of eight Austin-based World Gym locations, where she won Best Corporate Fitness Program for five consecutive years. Lee spent her early years in the fitness industry as senior fitness director for the YMCA of Austin. Lee is a BASI and PMA-certified Pilates teacher, a certified trainer through the American Council on Exercise and an accredited fitness specialist with the national YMCA. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Alabama in Birmingham with a specialization in dance.

RedBird Cardio Dance is a fun way to get in incredibly effective cardio, that shapes and tones your body while burning calories. Each routine comes with an in depth breakdown, plus a low and high impact version. Once you learn the sequences, you can move on to the the flows which are 30 to 45 minutes of non-stop dance. RedBird cardio dance will move you body though all planes and ranges of motion, ensuring balance muscular development that leaves you toned and balanced. Dance will also challenge your cardiovascular endurance and burn a ton of calories. The more you learn to perform the movements - the more effective each sequence will become.

There is now growing evidence that dancing can also change the way you think. Just ask professional dancer turned academic psychologist, Dr Peter Lovatt. Dr Lovatt runs the Dance Psychology Lab and researches the links between dance, problem solving and creativity (watch his TEDx talk). Studies also continue to link dance to reducing risk of dementia. In an American cohort study that tracked over 400 older adults over several years, dancing was the only physical activity linked with lower risk of dementia.

Most of all we want you to have fun! Let your workout be something that fills you up, boosts your energy and makes your soul happy! What are you waiting for?!? Let's get to dancing!

What you will need:

-Tennis or Dance shoes

- A space in your house with at least a 4 foot by 4 foot area to move around in (maybe push that coffee table out of the way?)

- Water close by

- A willingness to let go, have fun and be patient as you learn!!

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