RB Studio Pass

taught by Lee and Elisabeth
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Lee and  Elisabeth
Lee and Elisabeth

About the Instructor

Lee Vallely and Elisabeth Kristof are the owners of RedBird Fitness LLC. RedBird is a contemporary, science-based movement method built on their combined 40 years experience in the industry. Both Vallely and Kristof are Pilates Method Alliance Certified Pilates Teachers, Z-health Education certified practitioners, Body Arts and Science International trained teachers and AFFA-certified personal trainers.

RedBird provides a movement education system that teaches proper posture, alignment, innervation of core and stability muscles, and how to move with precision and intention. Our mission is to awaken our clients to the power of their own lives through precision movement.

Exercise is great but movement is a science. In order to look and feel good - for a long time - we must move well. Mindful, precise movement requires education, and lasting results require a community that supports and inspires you. By providing sound education, inspiration and a strong community, we support clients in transforming their bodies and lives and in consistently striving to become their highest selves. Our programs produce self-aware, present individuals through the alignment and synergy of precise movement and thought.

As you immerse yourself in RedBird’s methodology you will become progressively stronger, leaner, healthier—and even more courageous—as your commitment deepens.

The RB Studio Pass course is for those who are ready to take their RedBird training to the next level. It is a raw, real and uncut pass into our personal workouts, team workouts and our community. This course is a combination of RedBird signature movement programs - Pilates, Body Engineering, Dance and HIIT. It is less instruction and more flow. Build a movement foundation in our other courses and then come sweat with us!

Course Contents

27 Videos

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